How to buy HEX

file_downloadGet MetaMask Download & install the MetaMask wallet extension on a desktop browser like Chrome. You can store & manage your HEX in this Ethereum & PulseChain wallet.
credit_cardBuy PLS To buy your first PLS simply follow the instructions on You need the PLS to pay transaction fees on PulseChain.
swap_horizSwap for HEX Visit, connect your MetaMask wallet with the green button & trade some of your PLS for HEX. Leave some PLS in your wallet to cover gas fees.
account_balanceMine HEX! You already own HEX at this point, congratulations!
To mine rewards, visit, connect your MetaMask wallet get started.

account_balanceStake HEX and watch it multiply

Once you have some HEX in your MetaMask wallet you can Stake it right here:

swap_horizTo swap PLS for HEX visit this page on a desktop computer.

Or open within the MetaMask app.
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