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In case you are planning to publish any kind of advertisement for HEX.COM consult the Telegram chat. Dozens of skilled designers from the HEX community are happy to do design work for you! Also hundreds of artworks are in there for inspiration.
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The HEX logo is licensed under Fair Use. You may use it to advertise HEX.COM without any permission. You also may design your own merchandise for private use. You may not generate profit from selling anything that mainly consists of the HEX logo.


Official HEX.COM logo

Official HEX.COM logo - dark version

HEX.COM logo vector

Old HEX.COM logo

HEX.COM gradient logo

HEX.COM sticker

Black background pattern



Background Black
Background Blue

Gradient data

The main gradient (used in logo): linear-gradient(30deg, #ffdb01 0%, #ff851f 30%, #ff3d3d 52%, #ff0f6f 70%, #f0f 100%)
A more red/pink-ish gradient, white text is easier to read on this: linear-gradient(30deg, #ff3d3d 0%, #ff0f6f 50%, #f0f 100%)
PulseChain gradient: linear-gradient(30deg, #f00 0%, #e619e6 25%, #8000ff 50%, #0080ff 75%, #00eaff 100%) file_downloadMain gradient


The wordmark font is a customized variant of Avenir Next Bold. The primary font used in all of Richard Heart's brandings is Poppins, feel free to use this font in every design that has to do with his products!

The font of all titles on HEX.COM is called Jost.

Stylization & spelling

HEX.COM: 38% APY mining
Writing "HEX.COM" is superior to "#HEX" or "$HEX" (for example on Twitter). It is better to direct users to the website instead of the hashtag.
For any kind of merchandise or advertisement always write "HEX.COM" instead of "HEX".

Hexicans ("users" not "people"), HEX Stakes/to Stake/to restake/Staking/staked/unstaked, Emergency End Stake ("EES"), T-Shares, shares, 1000 B-Shares equal 1 T-Share. Use "2500 T-Shares" instead of "2.5 Q-Shares".

The currency is called "HEX" with the ticker $HEX. Alice owns 123 HEX, Bob owns 3 T-Shares.
Do not use "Hex" or "hex" (capitalize it and write "HEX"), "HEX coin", "HEX token" or "HEX crypto". For marketing, writing etc. use "HEX.COM" not "HEX". You may write "" if it fits the context but usually it's stylized "HEX.COM". Write "HEX.COM" if possible, write "HEX" when refering to an amount like 123.45 HEX.

PulseX, MetaMask, cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Market Capitalization, Market Cap

So why is it stylized "HEX.COM" and not ""? Looks better, fits a rectangular box, nobody else capitalizes the TLD, capitalized domains work in browsers, capitalization works as clickbait & this way the brand SCREAMS in your face.


The Hexican Remo Kage made 60 Artworks all around the HEX logo, feel free to use them however you like!

Other downloads

Trezor homescreen logo 144x144 HEX.COM logo for Trezor homescreen

HEX.COM coin wallpaper
HEX.COM intro videos (thanks to the Hexican Štefan Toporcer!) #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9
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