HEX is not a scam.

HEX starves scams of resources.

First of all: read about how HEX works. If you already understand Bitcoin: HEX is a better Bitcoin.

Check out Richard Heart the founder of HEX. Also have a look at the hundreds of reviews on TrustPilot.

Still worried? Choose your concern:

HEX itself


Is this a scam?


HEX rewards your foresight.

There are thousands of experts who convinced people that Bitcoin was a scam when it was $0.01. It went to $65,000. You could say they scammed everyone that listened to them. You would think that 6,500,000x returns would quiet the naysayers. It hasn't. Those that could see the opportunity in spite of everyone calling Bitcoin a scam, had a chance at life-changing wealth. The same mean things people said about Bitcoin and other coins that went from nothing to billions, they're saying now about HEX.

Bitcoin, Ethereum & HEX all were called scams.

In reality everything else fails. HEX just works.

Everybody who yelled "SCAM!" is a scammer themself. Ask those "experts" what percentage of Bitcoin's 6,500,000x rise from a penny to $65,000 they caught. How many other coins’ thousands of percent rises did they capture? By telling everyone that HEX is a scam the people that listened to those experts missed out on the first 10,000x gain the HEX price did, and this doesn't even include Staking.

Instead of Staking HEX, capturing the price gains and enjoying their lives, most people lost a lot of money in other crypto projects: here is a multiple hundred Tweets long thread where failures in crypto are collected.

Not a single HEX user has ever been affected by any of this, HEX always worked 100% perfectly since its launch. HEX never had a single bug in its 2 years since launch. The website has never been hacked. The official frontend go.hex.com has never gone offline. The smart contract can not be paused, censored or turned off. HEX is just better technology than every other cryptocurrency.

HEX could not work better.

So why is there a whole page about not being a scam? Surely this has to be one!

HEX uses aggressive marketing strategies. The primary design intention was to appreciate in value as fast and high as possible. To give people possible numbers, HEX is often compared to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin with its record 6,500,000x in 12 years or Ethereum with 10,000x within its first 2.5 years. HEX is better technology than both of them. Better game theory, website, branding, logo, community, marketing... So why wouldn't its price increase more than 10,000x within its first 2.5 years?

Almost nobody believed in this gigantic number at the early days of HEX. Nearly every influencer, expert and authority dismissed HEX as a cheap money grab exit scam. Most people could not comprehend the high APY numbers and wrongly identified HEX as a Ponzi scheme, even though nobody in HEX owes anything to anybody else. Also, not a single price estimate nor promise of profit was ever made. Nobody knows what the HEX price will do in the future. The first 10,000x within 2.5 years was just a number proven possible by Ethereum.

HEX is now almost 2 years old and already did its first 10,000x in price because it is superior technology. Stakers made an additional 38% APY on top of that.
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