HEX mining averages
38% returns a year.

card_membership 4+ Years of flawless operation
verified_user You mint your own rewards, no middlemen or minimums.
signal_cellular_alt Mining HEX doesn't require any hardware or electricity!
trending_up 10,000 HEX used to cost 57 cents. Now they cost $
The market has decided. HEX on PulseChain is the official HEX. Migration from Ethereum to PulseChain has saved millions of $ in fees. Please update your info sites accordingly.

The Highest of Stakes

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credit_cardHow to buy HEX

The HEX.COM Diamond

Richard Heart bought the world's largest cut diamond. It's billions of years old, weighs 555.55 carat and has 55 facets. It celebrates HEXican cultural heritage, as the longest HEX stake that can be made is 5,555 days, and some people have "5555" tatoos. Richard named it "The HEX.COM Diamond".

The future of finance is here.

You can mine HEX by running some code on your computer or phone once and waiting anywhere from 1 to 5555 days, you choose how long. Then you can mint your rewards by running some code once more. You earn larger rewards based on how long you commit to wait. Longer Pays Better. The APY for HEX mining of average length is 38%. Imagine minting HEX rewards while the price of HEX is going up, you win twice.

HEX is totally decentralized. You mint your own rewards. There are no middlemen in HEX.
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10,000 HEX used to cost $0.57, now they're worth $




Total Value Locked

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Share price increase

Days of flawless operation

Average mining length

Price doublings

Get started in only 4 steps

file_downloadGet MetaMask Download & install the MetaMask wallet extension on a desktop browser like Chrome. You can store & manage your HEX in this Ethereum & PulseChain wallet.
credit_cardBuy PLS To buy your first PLS simply follow the instructions on PulseChain.com/buy. You need the PLS to pay transaction fees on PulseChain.
swap_horizSwap for HEX Visit app.PulseX.com, connect your MetaMask wallet with the green button & trade some of your PLS for HEX. Leave some PLS in your wallet to cover gas fees.
account_balanceMine HEX! You already own HEX at this point, congratulations!
To mine rewards, visit go.hex.com, connect your MetaMask wallet get started.
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HEX is special

card_membershipHEX is changing lives. Delayed gratification is the key to success in personal development and investing. HEX incentizes you to use time to your advantage. See How HEX works.
trending_upIncredible performance Cryptocurrencies are the highest appreciating asset class in the history of mankind. Bitcoin’s price appreciated 6,500,000x in 12 years, from $0.01 to $65,000. HEX has appreciated 9481x so far, outpacing both Bitcoin and Ethereum. A 6,500,000x would put HEX at $367.
manage_accountsHEX removes middlemen HEX is a finished, immutable, unstoppable smart contract with 3 independent audits from two of the top Blockchain contract auditors in the world. By design there is no central entity in HEX. No one owes anybody anything. As long as you have your private key, you truly own your HEX.
insightsHEX’s share price went up 16,000x The price of a single T-Share rose from $.56 to as high as $9000.
verified_userHEX’s inflation is capped at 3.69% HEX is the first cryptocurrency with a chart of its future locked supply. You can see when big miners are committed to stop mining and plan around them to mint your rewards when others are less likely to be minting theirs.
account_balanceHEX pays 38%
APY on average
Miners earn rewards daily. They can mint them all at once at the end of their commitment. This multiplies their ROI when HEX’s price appreciates against USD. Active Miners get to mint extra rewards for themselves when other miners mint their rewards earlier or later than they committed to. HEX rewards longer and larger mining as well.

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