Bitcoin is Great!

The rising tide lifts all boats. Over 300,000 Bitcoin in over 30,000 addresses used their private keys to mint HEX in the HEX contract.

HEX is like Bitcoin. Banks do more than currency, so must we. To revolutionize finance, every single function banks serve today must be replaced with a peer to peer, open source, trustless system. No middlemen. Bitcoin started the revolution in trustless, immutable, distributed, peer to peer digital currency. It started worthless and over 10 years reached $300 Billion USD.

CDs are worth more than all the cash printed, gold and credit card companies. $7.2T in the USA and China alone. Bitcoin is not designed to replace CDs, and cannot, because it can only inflate supply to mint rewards for miners, not stakers. If you timelock your bitcoin, there's no profit in it. HEX does what Bitcoin cannot.

HEX reduces the billions lost to failed exchanges and schemes

Trustless Interest.

Let's say you want to make more Bitcoin on your Bitcoin. What are your options? You could lend your coins out and take the risk they're not returned, or you could try selling your coins for mining hardware and hope to get more coins back later. Lots of people have lost money trying either.

Counterparty risk in Bitcoin investments.

To earn interest on their Bitcoin, most users send them to a centralized third party, often a bad exchange. There, coins can be borrowed to "short" the market. Sellers borrow the coins to sell, in the hopes that they can re-buy them cheaper before they have to return them, thus profiting from price decreases. These centralized parties are security holes that are often hacked, destroy privacy, or introduce fees if you want to get your funds out. Billions of dollars in coins sent to bad exchanges and bad lenders have been stolen. Not your keys, not your coins.


HEX replaces these third parties with a trustless peer-to-peer to system. Instead of sending your HEX to an exchange so they can lend it out on your behalf to earn interest for you, you just lock it in same smart contract that minted all the HEX in the first place, and it credits you interest. If you're given programmable money, the first thing you should program is interest.


HEX is better for the environment than Bitcoin

Utilizing an existing Proof of Work (POW) network saves all the money/energy/pollution running a new network. Some Bitcoiners greatly dislike mention of other blockchains, so we refer to the network HEX runs on as "Hex's network" on this page.

HEX mining is more censorship resistant than Bitcoin

HEX's network's ASIC resistant (GPU mining) is more diverse and censorship resistant than Bitcoins sha-256 ASIC mining. You can buy GPUs from many different sources, not so with Bitcoin mining hardware.

HEX is more secure against inflation bugs than Bitcoin

HEX's network has never had any "inflation bugs". Bitcoin has had 2 "inflation bugs" where someone could mint infinite free bitcoin for themselves. The CVE-2010-5139 bug was announced on 2010-8-15 minted 184 Billion BTC and required a chain roll back. The CVE-2018-17144 bug was announced on 2018-09-17 and was discovered by a BitcoinCash developer, who disclosed it instead of exploiting it.

HEX solves this by locking its economics code in an immutable smart contract, so network improvements and their possibility of bugs are kept far from the most important code. The last Bitcoin "unlimited free coins" inflation bug was created by adding an optimization to the networking stack.

  • HEX's code has had two professional, independent security audits. BTC has had none.
  • HEX's network has a successful bug bounty program. Bitcoin does not.

  • HEX gives the little guys a chance. Massive whales own most Bitcoin.

    Over 10 years 2,000 addresses have accumulated 42% of all Bitcoin.

    It's estimated Satoshi owns 5.5% of Bitcoin, The Winklevoss twins own 1%, MTGOX owns .75% and the PlusToken Ponzi owned 1%.

    HEX lets you own a larger part of the total supply than Bitcoin will

    If you're all in on Bitcoin, the % you own of the network gets smaller every 10 minutes. The miners keep diluting your share with the new coins they get and you don't. If you traded all of your Bitcoin for HEX you'd own a much larger % of the total HEX than you did of Bitcoin.

    HEX could return a 10,000x profit. Bitcoin can't.

    A new, first of its kind, coin is a new opportunity to get in before everyone else and make 1000x returns. If Bitcoin were to 1000x in price it would have a market cap of 180T, 9 times the total annual economic output of the United States (GDP).

    HEX addresses a larger market than Bitcoin does

    HEX addresses store of value and currency as well or better than Bitcoin and adds the multi-Trillion dollar market of Certificates of Deposit, or Time Deposits, which Bitcoin can't address.

    HEX has lower Inflation than Bitcoin

    HEX has a lower inflation rate than Bitcoin now, even after its rate was cut in half twice.