Developer resources

Happy to help

There are dozens of skilled, active developers from the HEX community in the official Telegram:
telegramOpen @HEXcryptoDev

Richard Heart is hiring developers.

Richard Heart, the founder of HEX, is currently looking for developers to hire. Specifically, developers with expertise in Golang / Solidity. Salary starts at $175,000 per year. HEX is already a finished product but Richard wants to build other projects on top / around it.

If interested DM Richard your CV on Telegram. Don't spam.
telegramDM @RichardHeart

HEX’s code is public

It can be read & verified by anyone. You are not allowed to copy anything though.
HEX’s verified code Whitepaper

The Hexican Codeak released a Subgraph

This is the easiest way to pull up HEX’s events and transaction data to propagate to a website:
Subgraph API Explanation

HEX utilities to get Stake data from

Solidity JavaScript

Public HEX APIs

For price, Uniswap order book depth and more
HEX community GitHub

HEX is surprisingly analogous to Bitcoin

Yet HEX is faster, cheaper, safer, better for the environment and more censorship resistant. It also has less negative externalities, is more price performative and has higher throughput. HEX can do 2000 transactions per second (TPS) using Anyone can build on top of HEX. The vibrant HEX developer community has released dozens of innovative projects around HEX in record time.
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