HEX has the most transparent trading in the world.


Cryptocurrency was invented to remove middlemen. Exchanges are middlemen. Billions of dollars have been lost to exchange hacks and failures. Use PulseX.com for buying/selling HEX. It is the absolute best option with the most liquidity. It has no signup, no counterparty risk and no middlemen. Thousands of tokens like PLS, ETH, USDC and USDT can be exchanged for HEX there.

Understanding HEX’s price movements

If someone doubles the PLS in the pool, they get half the HEX that was in it. This would 4x the HEX price. If they 3x the PLS, it 9x's the price. If they 4x the PLS it 16x's the price. if they 10x the PLS it 100x's the price. This works the same in the other direction as well. The price moves as a square. It's awesome to know exactly the effect a single order will have on price. In centralized exchanges, hidden orders and spoofing prevent that kind of simple math.

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